ARC Review: Accidentally Engaged

I absolutely love romances set around food so was ecstatic to get my hands on this book by Farah Heron. The book promised a blend of romance, family dynamics and food so I was super excited to get to know our protagonist and her love interest. Also, it has such a cute cover!

Star rating: 5 stars

The protagonist is Reena Manji, a single woman who isn’t enamoured with her job but has a passion for cooking and baking in her free time. Her family also makes up an important apart of the book – her Dad is a rich business man who wants her to work for the family business, her Mum just wants her to marry someone as soon as possible, and her sister Saira is suffering from a mental illness after a disaster relationship. Reena and Saira’s relationship is complicated, which the book definitely takes a dive in to.

The love interest is Nadim, a guy who just so happened to move across the corridor from Reena. Oh, and it turns out he works for her father and is expected to marry Reena. Both Reena and Nadim just want control over their own lives and find that they have a lot in common, especially their love of the food from their culture. So when Reena gets an opportunity to enter a cooking competition, but needs a partner to do it, she and Nadim pretend to be engaged.

My favourite things about this book were the family dynamics (equal parts emotional and hilarious), and the food. I was introduced to so many new foods throughout the book. I loved the plot centring around a competition that involved making videos, and how it showed Reena and her friends working together to create something really cute. Reena and Nadim had such natural chemistry throughout the book, and it was interesting to see how they overcame the challenges that family and culture threw at them.

Overall, a really fun romance (though the sex scenes are fade to black), where I really enjoyed learning a little about Indian/Tanzanian culture and food.

Will you be picking up Accidentally Engaged? It comes out next month!

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