Book Review: The Bone Shard Daughter

The Bone Shard Daughter was one of the Book Coven’s book club picks for January, so I’ve been reading it over the last couple of weeks. The book is full of chapter cliff-hangers, tension, twists and characters the grow on you throughout the course of the story. This is an ambitious debut with lots of points of view, and unique world-building that will leave you very curious.

Star rating: 5 stars

Lin is the daughter of the Emperor – in constant competition with his foster son to be his heir. The only trouble is, a sickness took her memories when she was young and the Emperor won’t approve of her unless she gets them back.

Jovis is a criminal who gains a reputation for saving children from the Tithing. One day while out at sea he saves a strange creature, and the two are bonded in a way he can’t explain.

Phalue is the daughter of a governor – sheltered with no idea how her people really live. But with the help of her girlfriend Ranami, will she change her worldview?

Ranami grew up on the streets but now she’s dating the governor’s daughter. She’s mixed up with rebels, but can she get Phalue on side to really make a difference in the world?

Sand is the final point of view, with rare chapters brimming with tension. Who is Sand? Who are the others she lives with? Why don’t they remember where they came from? It’s one of the biggest mysteries in the book.

I’d describe this book as fast paced with plenty of mysteries to keep a reader gripped, revealing just enough with each chapter. The world-building is revealed gradually with the characters, with no info dumps in sight (much appreciated). The magic system is unique, and I felt like the book had just enough darkness to not be too overwhelming.

What really makes this book is the last third when it all comes together at a ridiculous speed. The end quite literally flies right before your eyes. It took me a while to warm to the characters but the definitely have my heart now.

I’m really excited to see what Andrea Stewart brings in the sequel given the reveals in book one! Have you read The Bone Shard Daughter yet? If you want a book with characters that really make you think, this is the fantasy for you.