evermore Original Book Tag

Hi everyone! So Miss Swift surprised us again with a second album drop of 2020. Evermore continues the themes and styles that Taylor explored in folklore and even goes deeper into them – I love it a lot.

So this tag was made by Star is All Booked Up who also made the folklore book tag that I answered here. You should definitely check out Star’s blog, she has such great posts and I love these Taylor Swift Tags so much.

willow- character you’d follow anywhere

I adore this song. I’m not really sure which character I’d follow anywhere though! One of my favourite characters is Fire in Fire by Kristin Cashore, so maybe her. I’d defo end up dead though since monsters want to eat her all the time.

champagne problems- dual POV

Oh two points of view, gotta think a minute. This song reminds me of New Years Day a fair bit. I think I’ll go with Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo, it’s a story told in the POVs of two half sisters who don’t know each other exists. Absolutely broke my heart, told in verse.

gold rush- anticipated release

This song is a surprisingly sad bop which I loved on the first listen. Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee is my most anticipated release for 2021. I can’t wait to see how this trilogy ends and just know that it’s going to break my heart ten thousand times over.

’tis the damn season- small town romance

I think this is my favourite track on the album? I love the line messy as the mud on your truck tyres. Well Met by Jen De Luca is a small town romance set around a renaissance fayre, it’s really cute and I enjoyed it a lot.

tolerate it- lost love, failed relationship

One of the saddest songs on the album and you can hear it in how it sounds. Ah I don’t really read many books where relationships don’t work out but I’d have to pick a Sarah J Maas book given her tendency to kill ships.

no body, no crime- character who’d get away with murder

This song is so fun and I love its energy. Hahahahaha who else could I pick for this but Kaul Hilo from Jade City? If you know, you know.

happiness- a book that makes you suffer but you find comforting

Another sad song, sigh Taylor I thought this would be happy!! The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is probably the book that fits this most for me. I know it has its faults but it broke my heart and made me feel understood at the same time.

dorothea- nostalgic read

This song is cute, not one of my faves but I love the name Dorothea. The Magicians Guild by Trudi Canavan – I loved this trilogy, it was the first adult fantasy I read and is a good crossover series. The last book is a heartbreaker though.

coney island- star crossed lovers

This one crept up on me! I didn’t like it at first but I love the vocals. Probably Paige and Warden from The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. Currently reading an eARC of book 4 and I just want to bang their heads together.

ivy- crept up on you

Love how this one sounds, not a fan of the cheating story. I’m going to pick A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole! I was not expecting to love this book as much as I did – I think it’s one of my favourite romances.

cowboy like me- cat and mouse games

This is probably my least favourite and most forgettable on the album. But maybe after more listens I will remember it! I guess we could call Amalia and Ruven’s dynamic cat and mouse in The Tethered Mage trilogy. Melissa Caruso is a genius with that world building that just drops you in it and reveals little bits at a time. Ruven is always playing games.

long story short- never read it again, painful experience

On my first listen this was my favourite song. I love how it speaks of Taylor’s happiness after all the drama that went down before Rep. Forever Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid absolutely destroyed me because it was so, so devastating and I honestly can’t read it again.

marjorie- book with a beautiful message

You really have to watch the lyric video on YouTube, it made me cry. Another Taylor Jenkins Reid – this time Maybe in Another Life. It’s about de-bunking the myth that there is ‘the one’ out there. I love it, a really good story about parallel lives.

closure- a book with bad rep (a betrayal)

I found the sound of this one a bit jarring so wasn’t a fan at first but it is growing on me. Gonna go with a betrayal rather than bad rep. I’m gonna go with The Poppy War series by R.F. Kuang. There is a huge betrayal in one of the books that had me so shocked.

evermore- a journey of self discovery

Little bit similar to Closure, took me a while to get used to Bon Iver’s pitch in this one. Oooooh I don’t know. Going to have to go with another Kristin Cashore book, this time Graceling. The main character, Katsa, goes on such a journey throughout and I love it so much.

There we go! I had a lot of fun doing this tag – it motivated me to get a post out this weekend. I am still pretty brain-tired and not reading much so hopefully that will pick up again when I get a two week break from work after next week.

I’m not going to tag anyone specific but if you’re reading this thinking you’d love to have a go then consider yourself tagged by me!

The folklore Book Tag

Hi everyone! I’ve been meaning to do a folklore book tag for so long, so here it finally is! This one is by Star is All Booked Up. TS8 is probably my favourite album of the lot – it’s cohesive, sad, happy and lyrical and really plays to her strengths. Here are my book recommendations based on the prompts.

the 1: a book you grew out of

For this one, I’m going with Harry Potter. Even before the author became unforgivable, I had lost interest in this series, partly because it’s not exactly the most feminist book series out there and I’ve read so much better now. As much as it made me happy as a kid, it just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

cardigan: a book you keep coming back to

Fire by Kriston Cashore is one of my favourite books of all time. It’s feminist, has the most amazing, gentle, brave protagonist and I love the romance in it. I think I will re-read it for the rest of my life, along with Graceling which is also up there with my faves. Did you know Kristin Cashore is writing a new book in this series? I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

the last great american dynasty: a book where everything goes wrong (in the best way)

The Poppy War series is such a great pick for this. There are so many moments in every book where stuff goes completely wrong and the characters are left to deal with the consequences. There are some really harrowing moments about what is left after war that are written so well that it makes great, emotional reading.

exile: ending you didn’t like (ship that sank)

The series with the worst last book that I have ever read is The Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks. The last book, The Burning White, I did not finish. It’s so boring, drags a lot, and becomes weirdly Christianity focused. I was really disappointed because the first few books were really good.

my tears ricochet: broke your heart

I was in tears when reading Meat Market by Juno Dawson. It’s about a girl called Jana who is scouted by a modelling agency and becomes a famous supermodel practically overnight. She faces the challenges of her new found fame, and a corrupt industry. I have never routed for a character so much, who feels so young and innocent and makes mistakes that break your heart. I highly recommend it but it’s not an easy read.

mirrorball: a book that speaks to your soul

I hate to use a book that hasn’t been published yet but The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue wrecked me because I felt every word of it. The characters, Addie and Henry, are just so relatable and I have never felt so seen by a book. Just wow, I can’t wait for more people to read it. You can see my review here and we will be talking about it in The Book Coven October book club.

seven: character you want to take home and protect

Hello Lazlo Strange, I was wondering if I’d get to talk about you in this post. Lazlo from Strange the Dreamer is such a sweet cinnamon roll and I was drawn to his character immediately. I just wanted good things for him because he’s so adorable and smart and thoughtful and cute. This was the first book I read with such a gentle male protagonist. Another good one is Malik from A Song of Wraiths and Ruin.

august: summer love

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson was such a surprise for me, and I read all of her books over the month that followed. When Andie loses her place on a prestigious medical school summer program due to a scandal involving her politician Dad, she thinks her life is over. She finds another job as a dog walker, and meets Clark. Their summer romance is so adorable, and there is so much dog love I could scream.

this is me trying: mental illness rep

I recently read Take a Hint Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert and really enjoyed it. It’s a romance about Dani Brown (Chloe Brown’s sister!) and Zafir Ansari. Zaf is an ex-rugby player who suffers from anxiety, and is doing lots for young kids playing rugby through his program, Tackle It, which helps boys with their emotions. It’s a really great read, an excellent follow up to Get a Life, Chloe Brown.

illicit affairs: forbidden romance

OK so this romance isn’t really forbidden, but it is a bit taboo. In The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa, Catalina Santos is a wedding planner that was left at the alter. Max Hartley is the brother of her ex-fiance. The two have to work together to compete for a job that would change Catalina’s life. Max is so off limits to her, but can she resist? This book is such a fun read and it even made me tear up in places. I highly recommend it!

invisible string: soulmates

Oh, I think I am going to go with Portia and Tavish in A Duke by Defualt by Alyssa Cole. These two are made for each other – they complement each other so well and bring out the best in each other! It also has ADHD representation, which is awesome. This is one of favourite romances of all time – it has exceptional charcter growth and I love the storyline.

mad woman: vengeful woman

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis is a stunning book that you just know is going to break your heart as soon as it begins. It is rare to have a protagonist with a dark nature that you care for a lot, and Alex Craft is just that. This book has a lot to say about sexism and rape culture and I highly recommend it, but make sure you read the trigger warnings.

epiphany: a loss you’re not over

OK, spoilers for The High Lord by Trudi Canavan in this section so skip ahead if you don’t want to know how it ends. This is the final book in the Black Magician Trilogy, a favourite from my teenage years. At the end of the last book, after slowly falling in love, Akkarin dies by giving his remaining magic and life to Sonea, and it messes me up so hard each time I read it. Heart broken. Devastating.

betty: love triangle, f/f romance

I am choosing an f/f romance – Something to Talk About by Meryl Wilsner. It’s about a showrunner, Jo, and her assistant, Emma, who fall in love over the course of the book. I love an office romance and this one is adorable. These women stand up for each other and I am here for it. Jo is an ice queen who is really a softie and I loved that so much.

peace:found family

The only choice I could put here is the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo. Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan all have my heart a thousand times. The series is a masterclass in writing multiple points of view and has so much tension and action that it makes your heart race throughout. It is one of my favourite YA fantasy series of all time. I also really like The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers.

hoax: character that fooled you

Ettian in Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutsie. I will say no more about why, but the book is a fantastic science-fiction m/m read that really surprised me. Can’t wait for the next book to come out because of that ending.

And that’s all of them – I had such a great time finding books for these prompts. Of course the lakes hadn’t been heard at the point of creation, so here’s a bonus prompt.

the lakes: a book written in verse

I hadn’t ever come across books written in verse until Elizabeth Acevedo. Clap When You Land is an emotional book about two girls who find out they share a father after he dies in a plane crash. I loved the writing style and felt it really suited the story. Camino and Yahaira have such different lives and voices, it makes for a wonderful story.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope you check out some of the books I listed. Have you read any of them? What did you think?