Book Review: Children of Fallen Gods

I was wary of Children of Fallen Gods after absolutely loving Daughter of No Worlds – partly because I was hoping the enjoyment would still be there after the master/apprentice story was no longer that dynamic between Tisaanah and Max. But I shouldn’t have been worried because this sequel was every bit as gripping, brought in some new elements and gave characters some more back story. I can’t wait for the final book, which should be out later this year thankfully!

Star rating: 5 stars

This book picks up right where we left off at the end of Daughter of No Worlds. On their way back from Threll, Max and Tisaanah discover that they have been betrayed by the Arch Covenant and find he has taken the role of King of Ara. Now they must fight his war as Tisaanah agreed in her blood pact. Still occupied by the strange magical weapon that is Reshaye, Tisaanah must navigate the balance between using its power and not letting it take over completely, and Max must investigate the new power he has discovered with himself, and manage a new leadership position he unwillingly took on.

So much happens in this book – I mean it is 666 pages long and really fast paced. We are introduced to a new protagonist, Aefe, a disgraced daughter of Fey King with the ability to take magic from others. Humans attack their world and the Fey groups must unite to try and figure out what happens, so the King sends Aefe as his representative where she must manage the conflicting desires of herself and her father. I loved that this point of view gave us insight into the Fey that had only briefly been mentioned before. Aefe is a huge part of the story and I was genuinely surprised where her arc took her.

I enjoyed Tisaanah and Max just as much as in the first book. There journey together happens to be even more emotional than in the first book which is actually incredible. I love that they still have their inside jokes. It was hard to read about them being apart at first but I enjoyed their true to character letters to each other, and that they re-united reasonably quickly. It gave Max a few bonding moments with Moth, the young apprentice who joined the military whilst his master was away.

We also get a lot more of Nura’s background in this book, which didn’t really make me warm to her any more but it did make me appreciate where she was coming from. I honestly think Nura is such a great character because I can’t work out where her story is going to go! I hope she gets a strong arc in the final book.

Overall, this was a great middle book. There is an enormous amount to wrap up in the final book so I’m very excited to get my hands on it. Carissa Broadbent has set up what could be a stunning finale with all of these characters, all I hope for is lots of romance, lots of action and some cool magic!

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