Book Review: The Blacksmith Queen

Hello I have a new comfort read this book was absolutely adorable and I stan Keeley Smythe and all her weird animal friends. The Blacksmith Queen is a fantasy novel that manages to be completely brutal but have an overall heart-warming tone that just made me happy with it’s pure protagonist, her bonkers family and the friends she makes along the way. Yes, I am gushing and I am not sorry.

Star rating: 5 stars

Keeley Smythe lives with her large family of blacksmiths and farmers, going about their daily lives doing what they love (and what they were born to do). When the Old King dies, his sons are pulled into a battle to claim what each believes to be theirs. War would be great for Keeley’s blacksmith business, but when a prophecy reveals that her sister Beatrix is supposed to be the net Queen, Keeley and her family’s lives are changed forever.

What can I say about Keeley Smythe? She’s really tall, really strong, amazing at her craft and has one of the most gentle hearts I’ve ever read about. I love her. She carries this story for me with her soft spot for all animals (even the demonic ones), her ability to believe the best in everyone and her kindness. She continuously surprises all of the people around her, including the warrior centaurs that come to her family’s aid. In their mix is Caid, an antisocial, gruff warrior who can’t help but like Keeley and find her fascinating.

The family dynamics are quite frankly crazy. There is a lot of sibling bickering – Keeley and her sister Gemma do not get on at all, and Beatrix just ignores them all. I loved Keeley’s parents a lot, they constantly made me laugh. Keeley’s cousin Keran also provides a lot of comic relief which the story sometimes needs as it does get bloody at times. I also liked the interactions with the other characters from the centaurs to the dwarves, and even the lone dragon. The relationships Keeley forms so naturally with others really drew me in to this story.

Overall, a great book that made me smile so much. I was in much need of a happy book, not that I was expecting this one to make me feel so much! Really happy I gave it a chance and I will definitely be picking up the sequel!

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