ARC Review: The Soulmate Equation

The Christina Lauren duo were after my heart with this one. A mathematics / statistics based romance novel? Got to love it. This is only the second book I’ve read written by them and I absolutely adored this story. It had squeal-level cuteness throughout and my heart just melted at the romance. Sure, it’s a very romantic view of genetics and love, but I enjoyed it all the same. Jess and River had my heart right from the beginning!

Star rating: 5 stars

Jess is a freelance statistician and single mother who doesn’t really spend time on herself in between looking after her 7-year old daughter Juno and her grandparents, and her job. She and her best friend Fizz have been frequenting the same coffee shop for years, along with another regular customer they’ve nicknamed Americano. When the two finally speak to him, they realise Americano is the creator of a dating app with a twist – it uses DNA of happy couples to predict whether a new couple are meant for a long-term relationship. In a moment of desperation, Jess sends off a sample only to find she has a 98% compatibility score with Americano himself, who’s actual name is River.

Where to even start with these two sweethearts. It’s obvious from the beginning that their two scientist brains are on the same wavelength. Both of them are curious about what 98% means though Jess is reluctant to bring River into Juno’s life. River convinces her to see what it’s all about. I absolutely adored Jess’ character, she was just such a strong, sensitive person who I ended up really respecting. Same goes for River, who was definitely socially awkward and made some errors but you could tell her really cared about Jess and her family.

I also really liked how the book talked about the compatibility app and how it would change approaches to dating. If a couple has a low match, are they already psychologically destined not to try? Like River explains, the app only features the data that is inputted, and can’t really take account of life experiences. If the app was a real thing I’d definitely be a sceptic but for romance novel purposes, this was gold.

Overall, this book made me so happy. I loved Jess’ relationship with her family, and it was so heart-warming to see River fit so naturally into their dynamic. Everything was just so cute and I honestly couldn’t put it down. I’d recommend this for anyone who likes romance really, it’s predictable but an absolute delight to read.

3 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Soulmate Equation

  1. oh, i had my doubts about this but i’m so glad you liked it! definitely picking this one up after reading your review ☺️

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