ARC Review: The Summer Seekers

I love reading books where the points of view cross generations. The Summer Seekers by Sarah Morgan is just that – a book about an 80 year old woman, her adult daughter, and the 24 year old that agrees to drive her along Route 66. I really enjoyed this road trip book, and if you like interesting family dynamics, loveable characters and handsome strangers then this is a book you should definitely pick up when it releases at the end of May.

Star rating: 5 stars

After a scare while she’s alone in her Cornwall cottage, Kathleen has had enough. With her travel presenting past, she misses adventure. She refuses to be put in an old people’s home like her anxious daughter Liza would prefer, so decides to take on another trip, the first since her husband died. She will road trip Route 66. The only problem is, 80 year old Kathleen can’t drive anymore.

In steps 24 year old Martha, a young woman always in the shadow of her successful sister. Martha, still living with her judgemental parents, is lacking confidence but the opportunity to drive Kathleen across the United States seems to good to be true. Needing an escape to find herself again after the end of her marriage, Martha takes the job.

Liza’s life is chaotic – she works as an art teacher but the main demands on her time are her family – her husband Sean is always busy with his architecture firm, and her twin daughters Caitlin and Alice are so used to having everything done for them that they never thank Liza for everything she does. When her mother Kathleen goes on a crazy road trip, Liza snaps and takes the opportunity to escape to the cottage in Cornwall.

I really enjoyed this book! I loved the friendship that develops between Kathleen and Martha as they learn from each other. Martha was such a relatable character and it warmed by heart to see her grow in confidence in not only her driving but in herself. Martha’s road trip romance (set up by Kathleen) was also adorable – Josh was such a sweet guy. I also really liked that even though Kathleen and Liza were in different countries, they repaired a relationship that had always been strained. It was good to see them open up to each other at last. Kathleen also considers whether she should re-unite with an old friend after 60 years apart, and I liked that the book showed it is never too late to re-connect with people.

Overall I found this to be a heart-warming book that made me smile and even happy cry on occasions. I really love books where the points of view are from characters with different ages, and this one is no different. There are lots of emotional messages throughout and I’m really glad I picked this from NetGalley.

Will you be reading The Summer Seekers when it releases in May? It’s the perfect contemporary read for this summer, that’s for sure.

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