Book Review: Second First Impressions

Some books make you feel warm inside right from the very beginning and Sally Thorne’s latest romance does that and more. It’s classic opposites attract, but is more than just a romance. There are complicated family relationships and great friendships that cross generations. Consider my obsessed – this is now my favourite of Sally Thorne’s books and one of my favourite romances of all time.

Star rating: 5 stars

Ruthie is currently filling in for her boss at the luxury retirement village where she has worked for 6 years. Between running errands for the ridiculously rich residents and handing all the administration, she rarely has time for herself – she even lives in an on-site cottage. Along comes Teddy, the son of the property developers that are Ruthie’s bosses. On first impression, Teddy is carefree, hopeless and has bad boy vibes that Ruthie is advised to avoid at all costs. But when Ruthie is forced to hire Teddy as an assistant to the eccentric Parlonis, and let him live next door, can she stay away from his luscious hair and adorable hopelessness?

The characters in this book and the journeys they go on are so wonderful. Ruthie learns to explore the outside world again, taking advice from her new employee Melanie and learning how to be 25 again. Teddy finally finds some routine to his life and has the opportunity to make his dream of having a tattoo studio come true. Together, their romance develops as they learn from each other, and these two make a great pairing because of their differences rather than despite them.

The romance isn’t the only thing I loved – it was really cute to see Ruthie finally making friends her age (especially Melanie). I also really enjoyed the Parlonis stories which provided many hilarious, laugh out loud moments. There is even a cute endangered tortoises side plot which definitely added to my love of this story. I can honestly say I was addicted from the very start and I have not smiled at a book this much in a good while.

Overall, this is such a soft, gentle book about how first impressions aren’t always right, about living with anxiety, and following your dreams. I was really sad when I finished it, and I can’t wait to re-read already! Have you read any books by Sally Thorne? Let me know in the comments!

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