Book Review: The House in the Cerulean Sea

I have been meaning to read The House in the Cerulean Sea for a long time (or since it came out really). All my friends loved it. The time finally came for me to pick it up. I put it off for so long as I was afraid I’d be disappointed but how could I be at this beautiful story?

Star rating: 5 stars (new favourite)

We begin with Linus Baker, a forty year old man who works as a caseworker investigating orphanages that house magical children in a world that is very prejudiced against magical children and adults. His life is lonely and repetitive but he doesn’t really observe this himself just going from day to day following the rules and regulations he holds dearly. Due to his diligence, the senior management where he works send him on a classified mission to a far away island in order to investigate the orphanage there and its ‘master’.

Linus doesn’t really know what to expect – he isn’t allowed to read the files of the children he will be observing until he arrives. These children are more than just magical children – they are unique and different to any he has ever met before. Not to mention the man who looks after them, Arthur, is not the man the management made him out to be.

I couldn’t help but love this story mostly because of the characters. Linus goes through such a transformation as he is slowly welcomed by these magical children who had very troubled pasts. I enjoyed seeing the children open up to Linus as he befriends them (against his head that follows the rules and regulations). The book really preaches belonging and found family, it warmed my heart from start to finish.

The House in the Cerulean Sea is the kind of book that makes you squeal at its cuteness. There are so many touching moments that build up happy tears. Each and every child has unique magical abilities and personalities and a journey of their own to go on throughout the book. I also loved the romance which just felt right in this story.

Overall, one of the best books I’ve ever read due to the emotion it made me feel. I am looking forward to reading other books by TJ Klune given the strong effect this one had on me.

13 thoughts on “Book Review: The House in the Cerulean Sea

  1. Amazing review! This was one of my favourite reads from last month and I am still thinking about it now. It gives me lovely, warm feelings whenever I see someone else talking about it!

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