ARC Review: Sweethand

Sweethand was on my most anticipated romances books of 2021 – and I’m not going to lie, it was because of the gorgeous cover design (the dress! the cat!). It also appealed to me because it involved baking and music which I anticipated to be a great combination for a romance novel. Naturally, I wasn’t disappointed and really loved the characters in this book.

Star rating: 4 stars

So the beginning of the blurb sounds like this book is going to be full of drama, and don’t get me wrong there is some but it’s tasteful and doesn’t detract from the romance. Cherisse is a baker, recently coming off the back of a baking show that she dropped out of when it was leaked that her musician boyfriend was cheating on her. Now she’s baking the cakes for her sister’s wedding, and the pressure from her family to settle down herself couldn’t be greater.

Keiran is a producer that’s slowly making a name for himself with his coworker. Having also been burned by an ex, he’s in a similar position to Cherisse herself. The two are re-united after years apart as best man and maid of honour at the wedding – they only problem is that they hate each other!

I’m not always a fan of hate to love but I really liked Cherisse and Keiran together. I enjoyed them learning about each other – and that all their preconceptions about each other are completely wrong. It was also good to see them appreciate each other’s work more, given Keiran didn’t have much respect for Cherisse’s baking business at the beginning.

Another part of the book I loved was Cherisse and Keiran’s friends – both characters had good friends who cared about them. Cherisse’s cat Jell-O was also a little superstar. Keiran is also bisexual – I really appreciated a lead man who is bisexual because it’s something I don’t see very often in romance novels (or at all really).

Overall this was a fun read with lots of mouth-watering baking and great characters. It took me a little while to get into but then I was flying through it, eager to see if these two would finally get a grip. I will be very interested to see what other characters in the Island Bites series get books about them!

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