ARC Review: Dial A For Aunties

Dial A For Aunties is a romance with a twist. It’s dark humour, hilarious family dynamics and generally wild plot had me in stitches from start to finish. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at a book! Jesse Sutanto takes us on a ride in this book, and yes it is a bit silly! If you like dark humour and want some laugh out loud fun in your life then this is the book for you. I can’t help but give it the best of ratings as it brought me so much joy.

Star rating: 5 stars.

Meddy Chan is a wedding photographer at her family business along with her Ma and Aunties. As the blurb tells us, one night Meddy accidentally kills the man her Ma catfished (classic parent fakes being daughter on dating app style), and calls her family over for help. This initiates the rollercoaster ride that is this book. What will the family do with a dead body, especially when they’ve got a big wedding the next day? I guess you’ll have to read to find out.

I absolutely adored the family dynamics in this book. The majority of the plot is set over the course of the wedding day, which meant it flew by right to the end as the family end up in awkward situation after awkward situation. I enjoyed the barriers the family faced as they are essentially trilingual as Chinese-Indonesians living in America – with Meddy knowing English best and her family more comfortable with Mandarin. Meddy’s journey is also really good as she learns to balance her loyalty to the family with what she wants from life.

Meddy’s ex from college also returns to her life in an unexpected way. Meddy and Nathan are not the focus of the book but I enjoyed their romance all the same – we love a second chance romance like this one. It was also interesting to see how Meddy would handle her family meeting the ex she never introduced them to.

Overall this is a great comedy, though it does involve a dead body in various situations so if that’s not your kind of humour I’d probably avoid it. Personally, I couldn’t stop laughing throughout and I tend to have strange humour! I really adored the characters which helped make this book so gripping for me. Will definitely be reading more book by Jesse Sutanto in the future.

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