ARC Review: Liberté

I was super excited for the sequel to Enchantée by Gita Trelease and I felt like this follow up was as strong as the first book. The book has a more feminist focus than the debut, re-uniting us with Camille, Sophie and Lazare whilst also introducing new characters in The Lost Girls. In a world where France has ordered all magicians to be killed, Camille must do what she can to survive.

Star rating: 4 stars

After the events of book one, Camille and Sophie are living in Seguin’s mansion, no longer struggling to find food and pay rent. Sophie is still making hats that are in demand across the aristocrats, and Camille finally has her printing press. One day, Camille saves a flower seller, Giselle, from a man who wishes to hurt her. After this, she is introduced to The Lost Girls.

I really enjoyed the introduction of The Lost Girls and the stories that Camille prints about them. Their story made for a good plotline in addition to the magician hunting too. I wish The Lost Girls had a larger role to play in the story!

Gita writes so beautifully – I loved the continuation of the romance between Camille and Lazare. The other side characters also return such as Chandan and Blaise. There are some really heartbreaking moments in the story, amplified by Camille’s strong emotions.

Overall, this was a solid finale to this duology (at least I think it’s a duology, it wrapped up very neatly). I enjoyed the ending a lot, and can’t wait to see what else Gita writes in the future.

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