This or That Book Tag


Reading on the couch or on the bed?

Bed is more comfortable but the couch is where I am most of the time.

Sweet or Salty snacks while reading?

None really, but like eating dry cereal in the morning with a good book.

Trilogies or Quartets?

Whatever the series needs to tell its story to be honest.

First person or Third person POV?

Going to go with third person because the plots tend to be a bit more complex.

Night or Morning reader?

I like my sleep, so when I don’t have work I’m a morning reader.

Libraries or bookstores?

Honestly I’ve never really used a library except to learn from textbooks when I was at university (oh I spent too much time trying to teach myself electromagnetism because my lecturer was a sexist jerk). I really love bookstores, especially cute independents in towns I haven’t been in before.

Books that make you laugh or make you cry?

How about books that make you laugh and make you cry? I love emotional rollercoasters.

Black or White book covers?

Black because it doesn’t show the dirt as much hahaha.

Character driven or plot driven?

Honestly character driven, but I do need some sort of plot to remain engaged. My favourite books always have an amazing plot that doesn’t take away from the character development or the emotional aspects. Looking at you The Poppy War and Jade City.

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8 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag

  1. Yep, I do enjoy character driven plots better as well as I need to connect with the character and then cry and laugh and feel for them 🙂

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