Six for Sunday (Scary Stories / Characters)

Hi everyone! This week I’m participating in Six for Sunday, a meme hosted by Steph at A Little But a Lot. This month, the focus is on pumpkin spice goodness, and this week’s topic is: Scary Stories / Characters

1) Mexican Gothic – one of the only horror books I’ve ever picked up is so creepy I can’t even begin to explain. The villains are absolutely vile.

2) Ninth House – another book with elements of horror that is really scary at times. Creepy setting, opens with some horrible scenes, litters them throughout. Excellent world-building.

3) Jade City – this book is fresh in my mind and has some really scary characters in it. Even the protagonists are scary! I feel like Fonda Lee has made me scared to finish this series because she is not afraid to write absolutely anything.

4) Parable of the Talents – the sequel to Parable of the Sower is even more harrowing, scarily relevant to present day and absolutely terrifying in its truths.

5) One Second After – this one isn’t usually my kind of read but my boyfriend got me to read it. It’s awful. Terrifying. Shows all the flaws of humanity. It is real, punched me in the gut a few times, gives you hope only to tear it away.

6) Vox – I must say this was a disappointing read but the premise is terrifying for women everywhere. I hope nobody ever limits our words.

I’m not really a big fan of scary books so this was difficult. Have you read any of these? Looking forward to seeing all of your choices.

Hope everyone is doing well, feel free to share your posts below.

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