Book Review: Jade City

Jade City is without a doubt the best urban fantasy I’ve ever read. It has plenty of action (well written too!) and knows how to pack an emotional punch. The characters are by far the strongest aspect of the story but the world-building and plot are really strong too. If you’re looking for a book that will have you on the edge of your seat and break your heart more than once, then this is the story for you. Family dynamics, organised crime and a whole lot of loveable Green Bones, Jade City has a place in my heart.

Star rating: 5 stars (what else?)

The story centres on the Kaul family – Green Bones warriors that can wear Jade that lead the No Peak Clan. Jade is a powerful substance which some people can use to gain super human abilities to varying degrees of success. The story follows three siblings: Lan the Pillar – the leader of No Peak, Hilo the Horn – the leader of the warriors and Shae, the sibling who gave up her Jade to pursue a foreign education but is now returning to Janloon. Anden is the youngest (adopted by the Kauls) and is attending the academy for warriors.

The family dynamics in this book are some of the best – each character brings something else to the story. We see into their insecurities, experience their decisions whether good or bad and get each character’s perspective on the others. I really enjoyed Anden’s chapters on the warrior school, Lan’s determination to do the right thing, Hilo’s fierce love for his family and Shae’s intellect. Not one point of view was disappointing and that includes Bero, the youth without Jade who wants nothing more than to experience what the Green Bones have.

The central antagonist is the Mountain Clain, the biggest Janloon Clan who pose a threat to No Peak. When tensions rise, street war breaks out and the reader is sent on such a wild ride.

Overall this is an excellent start to the series and I can’t believe it’s Fonda Lee’s first adult novel because it’s beyond amazing. I can’t wait to read Jade War next.

Have you read Jade City? If you like gritty stories with lots of cool fighting, this is definitely a book you should pick up soon.

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