Book Review: One To Watch

I was not expecting a book about reality TV to capture my heart quite as much as this one. One To Watch actually made me happy cry in places, it was that good. It has a plus-size protagonist (Bea has my heart), a lesbian best friend, plenty of love interests, great positive relationship with a step-parent and more. If you want a book that yes, has its drama, but also has softer emotional parts too, then this is the romance for you.

Star-rating: 5 stars

Main Squeeze is a reality show kind of like how I imagine The Bachelor to be. After Bea’s blog post about its lack of diversity goes viral, the new showrunner Lauren gets in touch, asking Bea to be the new Main Squeeze and try to find love amongst 25 men. Knowing if all goes well it’ll be a huge boost to her career, and with Bea’s determination to show that plus-size people can find love too, she accepts.

The book does really well in showing that though Lauren has her heart in the right place, she really doesn’t understand what this is like for Bea. Bea has to educate her every step of the way after Lauren makes questionable choices that put Bea on the spot throughout the show.

Now on to the 25 men. Some are jerks, as Bea expected. Some are just taking part for the fame that’ll come along with it – Bea is chill with that. And some are actually legitimate love interests for Bea, but of course one of stands out more than the others (no spoilers here).

My favourite part was when it was time for the remaining men to go with Bea to her family home and meet her parents and brothers. There is a really touching moment between Bea, her Mum and her Step-Dad that honestly made me tear up. I really appreciate positive Step-Parent relationships and this one is amongst the best.

Overall, this book is funny and touching, heartwarming and makes you laugh out loud. I’m a huge fan of Bea and her growth in this story, and the romance was super cute too. Have you read One To Watch? Let me know what you think!

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