Book Review: Something to Talk About

I LOVED this so much. Cute f/f romance? Check. Women standing up for each other? Check. Amazing sister friendship? Check. I think it’s one of my favourite romances now. It was so enjoyable, fun and made me smile a lot.

Star rating: 5 stars

Emma is the assistant of former child actress turned writer Jo. Jo has an outside reputation of being a bit of an ice queen, but she’s really a softie. As Showrunner for a tv show that’s reached it’s fifth season, she’s won four Emmys and is considered very talented. When Jo brings Emma to an awards ceremony to act as a buffer to the press, the press think they’re dating and start rumours, leading to both women questioning how they really feel about each other.

This is a slow-burn romance about two women who respect each other falling in love. Jo is so grateful for how well Emma knows her, it’s really sweet. Having two female POVs was just amazing. There is a lot of frustrating moments where the two don’t communicate with each other, or don’t tell each other important things, so getting both POVs really did make it great to have both perspectives.

I enjoyed Emma’s great relationship with her sister Avery, and Jo’s friendship with Evelyn. The banter between friends was hilarious. There’s also a sexual harassment storyline, and jealous friend storyline. Jo stands up for Emma, and vice versa, and I love that.

Overall I am so happy after reading this book, it really made my day. Jo and Emma are so, so adorable! Can’t wait to read this one again some time.

Have you read Something to Talk About? What are your favourite f/f romances? Let me know in the comments.

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